What are the Different Kinds of Pet Doors?

Pets especially dogs and cats are social animals and they have become a part of families and households. Having any kind of pet requires that you put in certain efforts as a pet owner to avoid messiness or disorderliness while caring for your pets.

One of the easiest ways to manage the activities of your dogs or cats is by installing a pet door. Pet doors can be either a traditional dog model dog door or a costly electronic pet door. They allow your pets to go out to exercise, take poop breaks and safeguard the house by warning you ahead of unexpected visitors.

Dog guillotine doors

Dog guillotine doors are often suitable for pet owners with dog kennels since this kind of door will prevent the dog from leaving its kennel. They are made in small and big sizes. This pet door can last for a longer period because it is constructed with steel and simpler features.

A dog guillotine door prevents dogs from making marks on the door when coming out of their kennels. There is a lock that uses a pulley system that you use to secure the door when you do not want your pet outside.

Wall mount pet doors

House owners that have pets usually fix the wall mount pet door into the wall in their homes. Installing this type of pet door requires drilling into the wall, which is why a skilled individual must be contacted to handle this.

Wall mount pet doors are made with aluminum edges to avoid rusting and they can be either electric or manual. The electric pet doors are more effective in keeping out stray dogs and cats. These kinds of pet doors are easily installed in any preferred spot in the home and they can be gotten in various sizes.

Door mounted pet door

The door-mounted pet doors are the most common because they are quite affordable and pets can easily adapt to the features. This door can have one or more flaps with a magnet to keep it in place depending on your budget or preference.

Door-mounted pet doors can be installed without the expertise of a professional since it only demands that you cut out the door to fix it according to the manual. Pet doors with aluminum frames can handle the pressure of a big or small-sized pet without getting destroyed.


Since dogs and cats are very active and sometimes a handful, it is better to install doors in their kennels as a form of control. Pet doors are useful to prevent letting pets outside whenever they scratch the door without demanding the assistance of pet owners especially when they are unavailable. They also ensure pets are protected from bad weather and even human intruders.

It is important to follow all safety precautions when using the different pet doors, especially during installation. However, several smart pet doors also use technology using a microchip that opens when your pet moves closer to the sensor.