Essential Benefits of Hiring Cranes and Plant Machinery

The construction industry relies on a variety of heavy equipment to facilitate work efficiency. If you notice large construction sites, you will typically observe a fleet of machinery continually humming until the work is complete. But not every contractor has to buy a fleet of equipment to take on large projects. These days, it is more common to rent than purchase cranes and other plant.

Most common equipment rented from plant hire companies

Aside from crane hire Lincoln plant hire companies also have an array of industrial machines you can rent on a temporary basis to manage much of the work in construction. Commonly leased equipment includes the following:

  • Forklifts or tele handlers
  • Excavators for digging holes and trenching
  • Muck grab lorries for transporting waste and other debris
  • Dump trucks

Plant hire companies usually draw up a rental agreement with the borrower which includes the terms and conditions of using the equipment.

Advantages of hiring plant machinery

It is quite apparent that buying heavy equipment is costly. For a small contractor trying to turn a profit from each project, renting proves to be the optimal solution. Here are the benefits of hiring machinery.

  • If every single construction project your company undertakes requires using cranes and heavy machinery, you will need to buy each piece of equipment which will require significant capital. Renting, on the other hand, reduces the cost and increases profit margins. If you factor in the additional cost of storing and maintaining equipment, it makes more sense to rent for the time being than buy.
  • Buying equipment means you also need to factor in the cost of repairs. After some time, machinery will start to malfunction due to wear and tear. Replacing parts and having them running in optimal condition is another problematic undertaking. Renting eliminates the added worry and expense of storing heavy equipment.
  • Hiring plant and machinery also means you have access to complete and comprehensive services according to the agreement you signed. You always have the option to add more inclusions in the contract such as delivery, removal, and clean-up.
  • Another concern many contractors face is access to trained individuals who can operate equipment. If you buy machinery, you also need to train new employees to have the necessary skills in handling heavy machinery. Hiring, on the other hand, gives you the option to request the rental company to provide a skilled operator along with the machinery you are renting.

Renting also offers the added flexibility of paying according to the period you are renting the machine. You can rent equipment for however long or short you want, depending on what the project requires.


There is no doubt that renting a crane and other heavy machinery is better than buying equipment in most situations. Before selecting a rental company, however, always check the quality of equipment for rent and the company’s years in the business. Any piece of machinery you hire should be well-maintained and at least a new make and model. Always take time to examine every single detail of your agreement with the company before officially signing a contract and paying a rental deposit.