Top 10 Survival Tips for Traveling With a Toddler

Traveling is a wonderful way to spend your time, but many people believe that having a baby means that you need to give up your traveling lifestyle. Kids make you feel restricted around the house, unable to get out and explore the world like you once did.

How can you go traveling with a toddler and continue experiencing life to the fullest?

Traveling with a child doesn’t have to be a challenge! Here are some tips to make your next plane ride easier for you and your little one.

1. Opt for Less Full Flights

If you are able to find a flight with plenty of open space, you’re going to have a much easier time. You’ll have more space to put your baggage, baby gear, and your toddler, and an easier time moving around the cabin. If your toddler needs a diaper change at high altitude, you’ll be far better off with plenty of room to move!

2. Do Plenty of Planning Ahead of Time

To have the best flight possible, you’ll want to think up any potential problems you might have ahead of time. Sit down, think, and prepare before your flight. Make a list of your activities, and always leave yourself more time than you think you’ll need in case your plan goes haywire.

3. Try to Find a Direct Flight

When it comes to traveling with a child, you’ll want to spend as little time in the air as possible. Flights are loud, and babies struggle to understand why their ears hurt at high altitudes, so finding a direct flight is important to a good trip. 

If you cannot find a direct flight, then finding one with a long layover is a good second option. Your baby will need to relax after the first stressful ride, and you’ll want time to settle them down and care for their needs on the ground. By the time your second flight is ready to take off, your baby should be relaxed and ready to go again.

4. Use the Bathroom Before Takeoff

It’s important to make sure you head to the bathroom before your flight is scheduled to take off. Check your toddler and make sure that they don’t need a diaper change before the plane leaves. The last thing you’ll want is your child sitting in a mess during the beginning of the flight, leaving you unable to change them until you’re at a safe cruising altitude.

5. Consider Purchasing a Separate Seat for Your Toddler

While purchasing a second seat for your toddler may not seem like a wise choice, especially considering they’ll likely be on your lap for most of the flight, buying some extra space is one of the best decisions you can make. Your child can have some extra space to lay down to sleep, and you can have extra storage room for your baby gear.

6. Plan Your Flights Around Naptime or Bedtime

Scheduling your flight during your child’s normal nap time or during the night can help make the transition easier. Once your toddler becomes used to being up in the air, they can settle in for a nice long snooze. This will make the trip easier for both of you.

7. Arrive Early

Try to arrive at your gate with plenty of time to spare so that you can talk with the flight attendants. If there is available space on the plane, they may be able to make adjustments to give you and your toddler more space on the flight. Whether this means they’ll make sure you and your baby get a row to yourselves or allow you to board early, you may end up being able to get some perks!

8. Bring Extras of Everything

When it comes to traveling with a baby, you need to make sure you bring plenty of extra supplies with you! Extra diapers, extra cleaning supplies, extra clothes, everything. You don’t want to be thousands of feet up in the air and realize you don’t have an extra diaper for your little one!

You may also want to consider purchasing wipes in case your baby has an accident on board. If you’re worried about what to buy, there are Clorox wipes in stock online that you can use for your cleaning needs!

9. Dress Your Baby in Layers

If you’re traveling between locations with vastly different climates, you’ll want to consider what your baby should wear! Dressing your toddler up in comfy layers is a great way to make sure they stay warm and cozy on the long flight. If they get too hot during the trip, you can simply take off a layer to give them some relief!

10. Protect Your Baby’s Ears

Planes are extremely loud, and this noise is going to cause some major stress for your baby. Make sure to bring ear protection for them during the flight, whether you choose to fit them up with comfy headphones or earplugs as you travel. Chewing or sucking on candies and drinks can also help relieve ear pain while flying, so pack some extra milk or other goodies for them to munch on while you travel, too!

Traveling With a Toddler Made Easy

With these simple tricks, you’ll be a pro at traveling with a toddler in no time! You don’t have to be trapped at home once you have a child. Get out and experience the world with your baby and help show them the beauty the world has to offer!

Have you ever traveled with a baby or toddler? What helped you make your journey easier?

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment down below with your experiences, and continue reading our blog for more helpful tips today!