A Guide to Find the Best Picking Stations

Waste management is essential for environmental and health reasons. It is required by law to have a functional station to collect waste. There are two major categories of picking stations; mobile and static recycling picking stations. The best type of picking station mainly depends on the following factors.

Type of waste

This is the first thing to consider before choosing the best recycling picking unit. Waste can be in solid or liquid form. It can also vary in size or shape. The right picking unit should, therefore, be based on these factors. The unit you choose should ease collection, storage, and transportation of waste. There are different types of picking units you can choose from. It is advisable that you seek advice from professionals to find the right waste recycling unit.


Waste picking stations vary in size. Besides considering the type of waste, it is ideal to consider your space. How much space do you have on your site? If you have space, consider choosing a large picking unit. If your space is limited, there are small-size picking stations that you can empty regularly.


How much have for budgeted for waste management? Can you afford to rent or purchase a picking unit? There are several dealers supplying picking stations. You can compare them online based on price to find a unit within your budget.

Consider the reputation of the supplier

There are various recycling and picking unit suppliers. However, not all picking units in the market are of standard quality. Before you order the station, make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company. Are their stations of standard width and length? Are they made of quality material? There are reputable suppliers widely known to offer the best picking stations.


You will be responsible for the maintenance of the picking unit. As you consider installing a station, make sure that you can comfortably maintain it. It is advisable that you become familiar with the picking station prior to purchase. You should also consider the maintenance cost of different stations before you settle for the best.

Process of installation

Some picking stations are very easy to install. A mobile picking unit, for instance, takes the shortest time to set up. You don’t need a specialist to install a mobile picking unit within your company. However, static and large picking stations are tricky to install. It is advisable that you hire a specialist to deliver and install the unit.

Picking stations work hand-in-hand with the trommel or screen machine. After materials of different sizes have been tumbled round and round, the output is moved to the picking station. It is at this unit that materials for recycling are separated from the rest. Unlike in other stages, the picking stage involves a lot of manual work. Recyclable materials such as cardboard, plastic, and wood that passed through the trommel screening are manually removed from the waste.

With the right waste equipment and machines, waste collection and recycling become easy and affordable.

Image from https://commons.wikimedia.org attributed to Keith Williamson / Out with the old