The 5 easiest things you can do to boost your health 

We would all like to be healthier, but sometimes it just seems to be a bit too complex. You are never sure what to do, and there is so much conflicting information out there. Really though, there are some very simple things you can do to get started. Most of them are backed by solid science, and more importantly, they are easy to do. You aren’t going to change your life overnight, but if you start with the simple things you will find that over time your life will change for the better. You will find a long and fulfilling road ahead of you once you start on the path to health,. For each Plateau that you reach, you will realize how wonderful it is, and be filled with the desire to get to the next plateau. We hope these simple tips will help you start your journey. 


Sleep is one of the easiest and most underrated things in the world to do. No matter what anybody says, you need at least 8 hours. If you think that you only need 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night, you are wrong.  Not getting enough sleep, even if it’s only trimming an hour or two off your 8 hours, will put you into a sleep deprivation state that can adversely affect your health. Until you start getting 8 hours of sleep regularly a night, you won’t even understand how far away from optimum mental ability you were. Simple: get 8 hours of sleep a day. 


If you don’t drink enough water, not being hydrated enough can affect your health. There are some studies that show you do not need that much water to live, but there seem to be many more that show you need to be well hydrated to be at your best. When we say drink water, we do not mean soda. Try and drink 2 liters of water a day. Simple: drink more water. 

Get on your feet 

Just getting up and taking a short walk around will make a large difference on your health. Ideally, you should take a 15-minute walk a day, but even if you’re stuck at your desk, getting up and walking around for a few minutes will make a difference. There are many studies that show sitting for too long can have a negative impact on your health. Simple: get up and move around. 


For those of you who are not familiar with meditation, it can be a big scary word. You might imagine sitting in some Temple somewhere, or some yoga shrine, or other such surroundings, but it is not necessary. Meditation is a very simple thing to do. Just spending five minutes sitting quietly, breathing deeply, and just listening to your breath, is all you need to do. This is not magic, though it might as well be for the changes it can make to your life. Simple: just it and breathe for 5 minutes.


This one might be a little bit harder to do, as sugar is very addicting. Just try and wean yourself off sugar as the health benefits are far-reaching and amazing. It has been shown that most people do not get enough proteins, which are basically amino acids that your body uses as building blocks for your health. So increase the amount of protein you eat. Simple (sort of): cut down on sugar and eat more protein. 

All of the above advice and steps are based on science. You may look at the list and think it is ridiculously simple, that you know it already, but the question you need to ask yourself is if you know it already, are you doing it? Sometimes we just need to be reminded of the simple things, so consider yourself reminded. Start that trip to your healthy lifestyle again. We wish you health and happiness.