How to apartment hunt in a new city 


Finding apartments for rent in tiburon can be difficult and time-consuming. Finding an apartment in a city you do not know, can be almost impossible. You do not know the good areas or the bad areas. You do not know what good rents are or bad rents. So we are going to give you a little bit of advice on what you can do to find a new apartment in a new city. Whether you were traveling across the country in a move, or just decided for a change of scenery, these will get you started. 


If you have the money and the time, one of the best things you can do is use a realtor. They generally know the pulse of city. They can tell you what the prices are, which are good areas and which are not, and many other things that you might not have even thought to ask. Realtors will charge you a fee, but very often it is well worth it in the long run. 

Decide what you want 

Before you even start looking for an apartment you should know what you want. Are you happy with a small studio apartment or do you require a large multiple room unit? Do you need something close to where you’re working? Do you want to Garden or a patio? Do you need a garage for your car? How much are you willing to pay every month? Before you start looking you need to answer these questions and many more. Once you know what you want, then it becomes much easier to find what you are looking for. 

Ask your employer or friends 

If you are moving into a new area for a job, it is always best to ask your employer. They might not know as much as a realtor, but they will have a better idea of the area than you. They might also know of people that might not be advertising a rental, but that is still available. It never hurts to ask. They can also point you to the neighborhoods that you might be interested in, ones that are close to work. This further cuts down on what you have to find and makes it much simpler. 

Inspect the apartment 

Depending on your situation you might have to rent the apartment sight unseen. You might have seen many pictures of the apartment, but as we all know, pictures can lie. It is always better to see a unit before you sign a document. If you are unable to, for whatever reason, and you know anyone in the area, it is probably not a bad idea to ask them to have a look at it for you. 

Look before you lease 

Regardless if you have been accepted for the apartment and you have decided to take it. Do not sign the lease until you actually arrive on the premises. You can send the deposit if you must to reserve it, but if you sign a lease before seeing it you are courting disaster. If you do not sign you can always back out at the last minute. It might push you into a bind finding another place quickly, but that’s better than being stuck in a lease in a condemned building. 


When you talk to landlords remotely, make note of how they reply. Do they reply cheerfully? Do they write long messages or short terse ones? Do they reply quickly or take many days before they return your call. These are all indicators of how they will act once you are leasing their apartment. If they don’t get back to you quickly when they are trying to sell you into their apartment, they sure are not going to get back to you quickly once you have leased it. 

Getting a new apartment in a new city can be difficult. You don’t know the area, you don’t know the people, you don’t really know anything. You’ll be staying in this place for quite a while, so making the extra effort to learn about the area is required. Ask anyone you can. Do some research online. Don’t just grab the first place you can. We have not mentioned places like Craigslist, as though there are apartments on Craigslist, you do not know what to believe. It is usually better going to professional sources or people you know. We know most of these things are fairly logical and simple, but sometimes we just need reminding on what to do.