Bestselling Video Games Of All Time

Who would have guessed that the video game industry would be the multi-billion dollar behemoth that it is today? From humble beginnings, video games now far surpass films, raking in more than the biggest Hollywood blockbusters by a significant margin.

But with that being said, which are the video games that have sold the most copies?


A quick look at Minecraft might leave an outsider completely baffled. Is this really the game that has sold an estimated 200,000,000 copies? Yes, Minecraft isn’t exactly what could be called graphically impressive, featuring a world made up entirely of meter squared blocks. But, of course, it isn’t the graphics that have made Minecraft such a mind-blowing hit.

Players have total freedom to build literally entire worlds, or otherwise do whatever they feel like. It is possible to reconstruct your house, with enough time, or even an entire metropolis. It is this sort of creative control that has made a seemingly simple concept into a true phenomenon.

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Grand Theft Auto 5

This is probably the game most expected to see at number 1, but instead lingers in the number 2 spot with around 140,000,000 sales. Also acclaimed for its incredible freedom and amazing diversity, GTA 5 is, if we’re going to be realistic, significantly more profitable than Minecraft.

In fact, the franchise is the biggest in entertainment history, raking in literal billions on an annual basis. Developers Rockstar must be truly concerned about releasing a GTA 6, which will be expected to be bigger and better than an already insanely in-depth game.


Those who know the story behind global smash hit Tetris will know that it was originally created by Alexey Pajitnov, who was only able to start collecting royalties in 1996. Regardless, he is still a very wealthy man, with the game now officially owned by EA. With around 100,000,000 copies sold, Tetris is still by far the most lucrative puzzler ever created.

Wii Sports

Next up we have Wii Sports, having managed to sell around 82,900,000. Though, Wii Sports had the luxury of being included with the original Wii console, which means that it technically racked up a sale every time the incredibly popular hardware was shifted.

Even still, Wii Sports was astonishingly popular, even if only for a very brief moment in history. Today there are few who still play, even if they remember the game fondly.


Last on the list we have a surprise entry from an MMO; Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds. After finding surprise success on PC, PUBG released on numerous other platforms, eventually managing to rack up a startling 70,000,000 in sales. It may not be the most innovative game, but it managed to be released at the exact right moment, pushing the battle royale genre into the behemoth it is today. 

Lest we forget, it all started with PUBG, and Fortnite would not have existed without its predecessor.