The top 10 best-selling consoles in video game history

Five Sony, four Nintendo and one Microsoft. You’ve just read the breakdown by brand of the 10 best-selling consoles in the history of video games, that hardware capable of making the fortune of the three companies a bit like for all of us winning thanks to bet NJ. So let’s go and discover this interesting top ten.


PlayStation Vita failed to replicate its success but Sony’s debut in the world of handheld consoles with PSP was a great victory. The portable PlayStation has managed in its history to reach the hands of over 81 million players with the greatest commercial success in Europe. 

Game Boy Advance

A revised and corrected version with more technology of the very first Gameboy that we will find higher up in this ranking, the GBA has achieved its greatest fortunes in North America where it has placed almost half of the over 81 million units sold.

Xbox 360

The only non-Japanese console in this ranking is the Xbox 360 by Microsoft, capable of greatly improving the results of the first generation with Xbox One still far away. Like the GBA, the great success of Xbox 360 came from North America with over 45 million consoles sold out of a total of over 85.

Playstation 3

The life cycle of PS3 was really very complicated. After a false start, it had to chase the success of Xbox 360 to the last and then overcome it albeit by little: 87 million against 85 units sold.

Playstation 4

A simpler life for the current and last generation of Playstation at the moment. PS4 is already around 100 million units sold and undoubtedly these numbers will continue to grow with the not remote possibility to get on one of the steps of the podium of this ranking in a few months…


The first Nintendo console to be reported to exceed 100 million units sold of which almost half in North American territories. For the record its successor, Wii-U, has not managed to reach the quota of 14 million consoles sold…

Playstation One

Sony’s impossible challenge: to enter the world of consoles that for years had been in the hands of Nintendo and Sega. And do it with a revolution: the introduction of a CD player for your gaming machine. A challenge won in every corner of the world with 104 million consoles sold.

Game Boy

With success crossing all markets in the world, the Game Boy has represented a fundamental evolutionary step in mobile gaming so much so that it was chosen by 120 million players. Back then, of course, there weren’t any smartphones…

Nintendo DS

And even better than the Gameboy did the double screen of the Nintendo DS that for less than three million units (155 million units sold) has to “be satisfied” with the second position.

Playstation 2

157 million consoles. Thanks to these amazing sales equally divided in all markets (but with the highest peak in Europe), the second generation of Playstation is currently the best-selling console in the history of video games but as written previously, PS4 is waiting to overcome it for the happiness of Sony.