Different Habits of the Soccer Player Victor Nilsson Lindelöf

Victor Nilsson Lindelöf is a celebrated Swedish professional player who plays as a defender for Manchester United. He joined the football club in 2017, and ever since he has been doing his best. Lindelöf is fun and has an interesting life outside the football field. Here are different habits of Victor Nilsson Lindelöf.

He is Active on Social Media

Lindelöf is active on social media especially Instagram. His Instagram page is interesting as he posts his amazing photos during vacations. Lindelöf and his wife, Maja Nilsson Lindelöf, are known for their beautiful photos. Not all soccer players are active on social media like Lindelöf. Maja is a blogger who has a fantastic style of writing, and that is one of the reasons why Lindelöf is known in the social media industry.

They have funny stories on their Instagram page. For example one time Maja said on Instagram that Lindelöf stayed up the whole night playing Call of duty after telling her to take sleeping pills. Their fans were amused by this story. They also write love captions to each other on Instagram. Also, Lindelöf is active on Twitter and his tweets get many responses ad retweets. Therefore, he is so big on social media and this gives him a chance to easily interact with his supporters.

He Attends Concerts

Another unique habit of Lindelöf is the fact that he attends concerts. He loves music, and thus he is a fan of attending concerts. He was spotted with Maja at Adele’s concert, and they seemed to be having the best time of their life. He has been seeing attending many concerts around Sweden and in Manchester. Therefore, he loves going out to have fun in concerts with his friends and his wife.

He Uses Tobacco from Sweden called Snus

Victor Nilsson Lindelöf is commonly captured on paparazzi photos using or holding a can of snus. Snus is a type of tobacco from Sweden and is completely smokeless. Even though there is no actual proof of it, some athletes have been claiming it gives them a mental and physical boost before performing. However, it is not considered a drug, and thus footballers can use it. He is most commonly seen using Göteborgs Rapé which is one of the best flavours that many footballers use. He is most commonly seen using Göteborgs Rapé from the Swedish manufacturer Swedish Match, which can be found on sites such as snusdirect.com. Fun fact is that that very manufacturer – Swedish Match – actually is listed on the stock market, and that its stock actually have been going very well.

He Does All His Chores

Another different habit of Victor Nilsson Lindelöf is the fact that he does most of his chores on his own. He does not hire a person to do his errands. He has been seen more than once doing grocery shopping with his wife, Maja. Also, when his wife Maja posted a video where they were arranging their new house in Manchester, Lindelöf was active in helping out. Therefore, he does all his work by himself, which means that he knows he is a husband other than being a professional player. Victor Nilsson Lindelöf is an amazing person who is ready to take Manchester United to the next level. His personal life is interesting as seen in the above-mentioned habits.