Common Sports-Related Injuries and Their Treatment 

Whether you’re an expert or starting out in sports, injuries are common along the journey. Injuries occur when a particular part of the body is subjected to more pressure or force than it can withstand. Injuries can either be acute or chronic. Acute injuries occur suddenly such as spraining of muscles. Chronic injuries are those that develop over time due to the overuse of certain muscles. Here are some of the common sports-related injuries.

Common Sports-Related Injuries

Swollen muscles 

Swelling of muscles is common whenever they get hurt. Swelling of muscles is not only painful but also makes you weak. Minor swollen muscles can be treated using ice, compression, and lots of rest. However, if swollen muscles get serious, you need to visit your doctor for examination.


It is possible for bones to get fractures whenever they get injured to the extent of getting broken. This happens when excessive force is used on the bone structure. Stress fractures are also common among sports enthusiasts. Stress fractures occur due to overuse and mainly affect the lower feet. Fractured bones can be treated through victims taking enough time to rest so as to allow healing. Better still, there are special braces and shoes available to facilitate healing. 


Bones are connected to each other by ligaments. When the ligaments overstretch or even get torn, it results in sprains that can be painful and even lead to swellings. One part of the body that is more prone to sprains is the ankle. Ankle sprains occur when you overstretch or even step on uneven ground. Minor sprains can heal with enough rest, compression, ice, or even elevation of the foot. If the injury is serious, you should consult the physician for braces or even a cast to speed healing. The doctor may also prescribe some pain relieving medicine depending on the extent of pain. 


Other times, the bones may dislocate from their locations. When this happens, you may swell and even feel weak. Dislocated bones can be painful and even require surgical correction. In other cases, the treatment may only involve a doctor using a technique to move the bone back to position using hands. 

Dental injuries 

Dental injuries are also very common during sports activities. Dental injuries occur when the face or the jaws experience trauma after getting hit by a heavy object such as a ball or after a tragic fall. The injuries may range from dislodged teeth, broken teeth, to broken jaws. Pure Dentistry recommends that anyone engaging in sports activities likely to hurt the teeth uses mouth guards and braces. However, if the injury occurs, you ought to visit a dentist for an examination to determine the extent of the damage. Either, you may have your teeth replaced, or the existing ones may be fixed.


Sports-related injuries are common among sports enthusiasts. Some of the injuries are sprains, fractures, dislocated bones, dental injuries, and swollen muscles. Some injuries can be treated at home using ice, compression, rest, and elevation. However, others require that you visit a specialist for evaluation. Treatments may involve surgical rehabilitation or physiotherapy treatments.