Helping Your Kids Find It Easy to Accept that You are Moving to a New Place

Moving to a New Place

You feel guilty about your decision to move to a new place and accept a job offer because you know that your kids didn’t take it lightly. They didn’t want to move and leave their friends, but you had to pull them out of their environment.

Since they are still learning to trust their world and establish their identities, your decision could be difficult for them to understand. As such, it is crucial that you guide them and help them get through this challenging situation.

Let your kids know the plan

Even before you accept the new job, you need to tell your kids that you have other plans that might happen soon. You would rather see them get angry at you and have tantrums now than surprise them by saying that you are going to leave soon. Condition their minds that there will be a change in their environment soon and they need to prepare for it.

Let your kids be a part of the process

If you are looking at new houses to move into, you need to bring your kids. Tell them to select the place where they want to move. If you are planning to buy home décor items, you can also bring your kids when shopping. Most of all, if you are already starting to pack, you need to give your children the chance to pack their clothes. Of course, they will not finish the job, but it is the idea that they are also doing their share that matters most.

If you still have a lot of things to do and your kids are not doing a great job packing their stuff, you might have to partner with a company doing house removals Cheltenham offers. You need the help of experts to expedite the process. It takes time to get things done when you are alone. Add to that all the issues at home that you need to deal with.

Don’t get angry with your kids

You can’t expect your kids to be okay with your decision. Regardless of the reaction, you need to stay calm. If there is a request to spend more time playing with friends, you need to agree to it. If a farewell party is necessary, you need to throw one. You have to do what it takes so your kids stay calm and accept this decision.

Create a timeline

You can’t force your kids to change their emotions, but it helps if you create a deadline, so they will know when the final date is. You can have a massive calendar that serves as a countdown timer to the exact time when you need to move. Your kids need to be at least aware of what is going to happen soon.

Shower your kids with love and help them through this emotional process. You are mature enough to handle the changes, but they aren’t. You don’t want them to have a permanent scar because of this decision.