7 Ways to Show Someone You Care

From family related to us by blood to the family we choose, we all have at least one person in our life who we couldn’t live without. But we’re so used to having them in our lives, it’s easy to take the ones we love most for granted.

That’s why it’s important to always remember how to show someone you care. It doesn’t take money or extravagant gifts, it’s all about giving your time and attention. Read on to learn a few great ideas for showing your loved ones how much you care.

1. Lend an Ear

Sometimes the best thing we can for those we love is to simply lend a kind ear. When a friend or family member is speaking to you, take care to show genuine interest in what they’re saying.

Get excited with them when they’re talking about something they’re enthusiastic about and show concern when they’re going through a hard time. Do your best to comfort and reassure them that things will get better, especially if they can’t yet see it themselves.

2. Spend Time Together

We all have hectic lives, but no matter how busy life gets, you should never neglect to make time for those you love. To make this gesture even more impactful, be sure to suggest an activity that you know they enjoy.

You don’t have to spend money going out together. Instead, plan a movie night where you chat and have snacks while watching your favorite movies. Or spend a day at the beach or in a park soaking up the sun (just be sure to wear your sunscreen!).

3. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Never forget that actions speak louder than words. You can make all of the promises in the world to someone but they will be meaningless if you don’t follow through.

Be sure that any time you agree to do something or offer to help, you do it. This will build trust between your loved one and yourself, strengthening and deepening your relationship.

In addition, be quick to apologize when you’ve wronged them and mean it. But don’t just say you’re sorry, show it through your actions. If you accidentally forgot to call when you said you would, apologize and then make an honest effort to never repeat this action.

4. Share Responsibilities

We all get overwhelmed now and then, especially in times of transition that increase your burden of responsibility. When someone you love is going through something like this, whether it be moving, caring for a newborn, or working on a large project, offer to lend a helping hand.

Giving someone help when they’re feeling overwhelmed will not only give their mental health a boost but will strengthen your relationship as well. This can be as involved as coming over to help someone pack their house up for a move, but it can also be a simple gesture.

Remember, the last thing you want to do is make a promise you can’t keep. If you don’t have time to get too involved, do something small like picking up something they need from the grocery store.

5. Show Gratitude

Every item on this list thus far is a great way to show gratitude, but it’s good to be intentional about it from time to time. Go out of your way to show someone genuine thanks when they do something for you, and even when they don’t. It can actually be more effective if it’s out of the blue.

Next time you’re spending time with that special friend or family member, tell them how much they mean to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life. If you’re not the best with words, you can write them a letter!

6. Give Them Space

Although it’s true that, more often than not, your loved one will appreciate having you near them, sometimes people need their space. When this happens, it’s important to give it to them.

If your loved one is going through something difficult and not ready to talk, for example, don’t attempt to force them. No matter how much you want to help, you never want to cross a line and intrude on someone’s privacy.

7. Celebrate Their Successes

When your loved one gets a promotion at work or reaches a milestone in their fitness journey, celebrate with them! Match their excitement and express interest in their goals and achievements.

Though giving them a call or inviting them over for a drink or two is more than enough, you can also send a gift to let them know you’re proud of them. Use this international flower delivery service to send them a congratulatory bouquet wherever they are.

Reaching goals in life, no matter how big or small they are, takes hard work. It means a lot to have someone you care about acknowledge these accomplishments.

Improve Your Relationships by Learning How to Show Someone You Care

To keep those we love close to us, it’s important to know how to show someone you care. As much as those closest to us might love us unconditionally, it’s always nice to know that the people we care about most care about us in return.

Even if you don’t have a dime to spare, you can make sure the ones you love know how much you care about them. All it takes is a helping hand and a caring word every now and then.

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