Evan Dombroski – Why Photography Will Pull You Right In

Like many of you, last year when the pandemic hit I realized that I needed to find myself a new hobby with which to pass the time. I’d bought a camera a couple of years back and never really learned how to use it, so I felt that this would be the perfect time to get it out and start snapping. I was inspired to do this by lots of photographers who I follow on social media like Evan Dombroski, who showcase their amazing work on their channels. Starting slowly I began to really get into photography and I have to say that this is a hobby which draws you in and keeps you interested each and every day.

If this is a hobby which you have been considering, here is why I would most certainly recommend it.

New Appreciation

The key to taking a great photo is the details, and for that you have to weight up the subject, the items in the shot, the lighting and many more factors. What this gives you is a different outlook on life in general, you start to see the world with different eyes, constantly looking for something which could make a really cool shot. This is one of the best things that has come from my new hobby.

Constantly Improving

For me a hobby should be something that is fun to do, but beyond that it should be something which keeps asking more of you and which keeps challenging you to improve. This is absolutely what you will get when you start taking photos and there is no doubt about the fact that it pushes you hard. Even when you get a great shot of something, you become your own biggest critic and start trying to find ways to improve upon it next time. I have heard professional photographers talk about how they still haven’t nailed the craft after 50 years, which means a hobbyist like myself has a very long way to go indeed.

The Community

There are some communities online which can be pretty brutal and far from friendly towards one another, thankfully the photography community is not one of them. In fact my experience in forums and on social media is that this community really wants to see people improve and they are happy to give you hints and tips on doing so. Uploading your work for it to be critiqued is actually a very helpful way to go about things, because people will give you honest opinions and constructive feedback.

Opportunity to Explore

Personally I really enjoy taking photos in nature and that has given me the most incredible reason to get out of the house and to get into nature. This is something which I never used to do enough of yet having started taking photos it has given me inspiration to get out there.

This is a fantastic hobby which you are absolutely going to love.