How to Choose the Perfect Tie Tack Pin for Your Suit

Ever get annoyed with your tie when it loves to move around a lot?

Your best solution is to use a tie tack pin or a tie accessory. It’s a quintessential accessory for your tie that has recently risen in popularity.

In this guide, we talk about pin accessories and how to pick a tie tack pin. You can learn a lot about the tie tack pin and how to use it in a few minutes with our short guide.

Importance of a Tie Tack Pin

A tie tack pin is an accessory that can help you keep your tie stay in one place. It’s a neckwear controlling accessory, initially used by wealthy English gentlemen. The tie tack pin started to get more attention at the start of the 19th century.

The pin can represent a lot through its gemstones, pearls, and metal. Not only will it keep your tie from distracting you, but it will also add class to your overall wear. To find the perfect tie tack pin for your suit and tie, you need to choose the right size, style, and color.

Types of Tie Accessories

There are many types of tie accessories that you should consider to match your tie and suit. Are you sure that a tie tack pin fits with what you’re going to be wearing? Here are some other types of tie accessories you can get other than the tie tack.

Tie Tacks

Tie tack pins have the most designs for those who want to go for aesthetics and practicality. This type of tie accessory features a pin to pierce through the tie. It has a small clasp at the back to secure the pin and fasten it onto your shirt and tie.

Tie tacks are ideal for those who want a small design and different colors. They are ideal for coarse tie materials, such as cashmere or wool. With coarse materials, the pinhole will be less noticeable with any of the tie tack pin styles.

This type of accessory is the most formal among the bunch. You can tie tacks for wedding ties, work ties, and even for meeting royalty. If you believe the tie tack doesn’t match your tie, then move on to the other types.

Tie Bar

Tie bars don’t have a hinge, but they are the easiest and simplest to use. It is a simple strip of folded metal that forms into a U-shape bend. All you have to do is slide it over your tie and shirt placket to keep the tie in place.

It’s the tie accessory for those who want their tie laying flatter. The tie bar is also ideal for those who wear thinner and more delicate tie fabrics.

Tie Clip

The tie clip is a bit more technical since it has a spring mechanism like a clothes peg. All you need to do is pinch one end to split up the bars and open up the clip. It’s an ideal accessory for those who use bulky felt or knitted ties.

Tie Chain

The tie chain goes around the tie and secures it to your shirt with a chain. This type of tie accessory locks into your placket with a bar. It’s the perfect accessory for men who want to have a little movement in their ties.

Tie Strap

The tie strap is the latest innovation of a tie controlling device. It’s a small fabric or plastic strap that goes through the tie’s label on the back. This is the ideal tie accessory for those who want to lessen the risk of damaging the fabric.

How to Choose a Tie Tack Pin

Remember always to keep the event in mind if you want to know how to pick a tie tack pin. Go for a more minimalistic design if you plan to go to a formal yet strict event. If it’s more of a casual but formal event, you can go for tie tacks with playful designs.

Silver tie tacks are a more versatile color that can go with most types of suits. You can match simple tie designs with tie tack pin styles that have more color and shape. Try tie tacks with small jewels or a pearl for more style and characteristics.

When picking a tie tack pin, you have to find one that suits the width of your neckwear. Opt for a tie tack pin that can cover 70% to 80% of the width of your necktie. You can go for a smaller tie tack, but don’t go for a bigger style or design.

Things to Consider When Wearing It

It’s easy to experiment with the different styles of tie tack pin. However, there’s more to simply placing the pin onto your tie and shirt to make it stay.

Place It at the Right Height

Placement is an essential factor if you want the tie tack pin to work correctly. You have to place the tie tack pin between the 3rd and 4th button of your shirt. The accessory should stay between the bottom and middle of your sternum.

If you place it too high, the tie tack loses its functionality and continues to move around. Place the pin too low and it may get obscured by your jacket. The level of style will then become out-dated.

Match All the Metal

Try to incorporate the same metal elements into your overall look. Match your cufflinks, belt, rings, and other accessories to your tie tack and vice versa. It makes your ensemble looking more cohesive and refined.

Don’t Use a Vest

A vest has a similar function as a tie tack pin to hold down your neckwear. Opt for either of the two rather than using both since it can become pointless. You can use a vest if it matches the style that you’re going for.

How to Choose the Perfect Tie Tack Pin for Your Suit

Have fun experimenting with your tie tack pin to enhance your personal brand of style. Choose the right style that goes along with not only your suit, but also your other accessories.

Are you looking for more ways to accentuate your suit? We have a lot more guides to offer back at our blog section.