How to dress for success in the casual office 

Working in a casual office, or one that does not have any dress code, can sometimes make you forget that you still need to dress to impress. Regardless that there is no dress code, you have to remember you will often be working with management, as well as outside clients, so a torn t-shirt is not always the best thing to wear. Always remember that you are judged by your clothes as well as your actions. We have put a few tips here that we hope will help you. 

Clean and wrinkle-free clothes 

Ask yourself if the clothes you choose to wear to the office are ok to wear on the day you applied for the job. Or ask yourself if you would wear the clothing on a new casual date. If the answer is no then you probably should not be wearing it to work. Make sure your clothes are clean and are wrinkle-free. If you dress sloppy, which is different to casual, people might think your work is sloppy. Make sure that if your Mom saw you at the office she would not be ashamed. (you know who you are).

Dress like your boss 

We don’t mean wear the same outfits as your boss; we mean wear the same level of style as your boss. Don’t choose people that you work with as your inspiration, you should choose the people that hold your job in their hand. If your boss wears khakis, and everyone else wears jeans, try wearing khakis occasionally as well. People often look at others and judge them by they themselves. If you wear a hoodie all the time, and you see somebody else wearing a hoodie, you think great, they have a nice sense of taste. Translate that over to boss wear. If the boss wears long sleeved t-shirts, then try wearing some long-sleeved T-shirts. Again, we don’t mean suck up to the boss, we just mean bring yourself to the same level.


Just like not being sloppy in what you wear, grooming also makes an impression. Would you go out on that first date with dirty fingernails and unwashed hair? I hope not. Make sure you are always clean and groomed. Although it has nothing to do with the quality of your work, somehow people relate the two. If you are always well groomed, it will be noticed, even if you don’t think it will be. If you spend the time being well-groomed, people will tend to believe you spend the time and effort on the work that you do as well. Always look your best.

Extra clothes 

Always keep an extra set of less casual clothing in your car or at the office. Have on hand, a nice business jacket, business shirt, and a pair of upscale shoes, at the very least. There are times when you might have to meet a client or upper management, and you wish to put your best foot forward. Even in a casual office, there are times you need to look like a business professional. So be prepared. 

Working in a casual office is wonderful, but don’t take it for granted. It doesn’t mean you should wear last week’s clothes, or come in something inappropriate. Remember, you are still in an office environment. Just like life, to move ahead, make the effort to look your best. Good luck on that promotion.