Let Your Personality Sparkle: A Beginner’s Guide to Bedazzling Fabrics

Have you ever longed to wear something that shows off your sparkling personality, but nothing quite fits the bill?

Well, why shop for it, when you can make it yourself?

Bedazzling is a fun and inexpensive way to add sparkle and shine to your favorite clothes and fabrics. So if you are looking for some more glitz and glam to your wardrobe, then our bedazzling tips are are you need to start shining.

What is Bedazzling Anyway?

Bedazzling is a simple and easy way to make plain clothing sparkle, by adding crystals and gems. If you have ever wanted to learn how to bedazzle, then you are in the right place.

Once you know how to bedazzle clothes, then you can have fun jazzing up everything from clothes, to shoes, and even bedding.

In our guide for bedazzling for beginners, we will walk you through step by step just what you need to create gorgeous bedazzled clothing.

How to Bedazzle Fabrics

If you are a keen crafter, or even just getting into it, then bedazzling is a great DIY activity to try.

Some people choose to use self-adhesive crystals, while others prefer to glue them themselves, or even use the heat from an iron to attach them. We are going to focus on these hot fix crystals to get you started on your embellishing journey.

Here is what you need:

  • The item of clothing or fabric you want to bedazzle
  • Crystals/rhinestones with adhesive on the back (hot fix)
  • An iron
  • Pencil or chalk
  • A handkerchief or piece of scrap cloth
  • Tweezers (but these are optional)

Choosing your Crystals

It is important to choose the right crystal size for your project. As there are so many different sizes and styles of crystals available, getting the size right is crucial for achieving the right look.

Depending on how elaborate you want to go, you can choose different sizes to create unique and impressive designs.

Prep Your Clothing

Wash and dry the item of clothing you want to bedazzle. Once it is dry, you can outline a design onto the fabric using chalk. This can be easily brushed off once you are done.

Depending on how thin the fabric is, you might want to put a piece of cardboard underneath (or inside if it is a piece of clothing) to keep the fabric taut.

Start Application

Now your fabric is prepped, it is time to start bedazzling! Use your tweezers to select your gems, pick them up, and place them on the fabric. The tweezers allow you to be more precise with your design.

Remember to use different sizes of crystals to create an eye-catching and more elaborate design.

Add Some Heat

As we are using hot fix crystals, you need to add heat to make them stick. The heat makes the adhesive melt and stick to the fabric.

Once you have finished applying your crystals, place your handkerchief or cloth over the design, and place a medium-hot iron over the cloth. Rest the iron, without moving it, on the cloth for about 10 seconds. Repeat this step once or twice more to ensure they are really stuck in place.

You will know when they are fixed in place as you will begin to see a perforation through the cloth.

Now Rock It

And that’s all there is to it! Remove the cloth, and make sure the crystals are all in place, and then you can enjoy your gorgeous new bedazzled clothing. It really is as simple as place live bets now.

Let Your Style Sparkle

Now you know what bedazzling is, you can enjoy bedazzling fabric, clothes, and so much more. Creating looks that show off your sparkling personality.

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