I Have the Power: 5 Reasons Why You Need an Emergency Power Generator

Did you know that it takes as much as 66 hours to restore power following an outage in the United States? Severe weather in states such as New York is the number one cause of power outages. Owning an emergency power generator can help you cope better with such cases of a sudden loss of power.

Are you considering alternative options to get by with the recurrence of power loss? Here, we reflect on the reasons to buy a power generator for the home as your fall back plan.

1. Keep Important Appliances Running

The modern household has multiple appliances that help make living easy. These appliances require power to run on a routine basis. When power outages occur, it becomes impossible to keep such critical equipment running.

Appliances such as overhead lights and ACs may be the most affected in case of such sudden outages. For you to avoid the frustrations that follow, you should consider buying an emergency power generator.

2. Keep Your Food Fresh

Food wastage in the United States accounts for 30-40% of the total food supply. Instances of power outages are partly to blame for the numerous cases of food spoilage in refrigerators. If you have ever been a victim of such cases of sudden power disturbances, then you know the extent of losses it causes.

Luckily for you, an emergency power generator solves the matter. You no longer have to worry about wasting food due to spoilage.

3. Keep Your Home Safe from Floods

A sump pump is one of the essential pieces of equipment in your home. This instrument helps to keep the basement dry, especially during the rainy seasons. If a sudden blackout occurs after experiencing above-average rainfall, your basement may be susceptible to flooding more so if the sump pump fails to function at the optimal level.

The best solution in such cases would be to consider an emergency power generator. You know you are ready for any ensuing weather conditions once you have top-notch equipment such as the Titan solar generator. This brand is among the best emergency power generators in the market today.

4. Keep Your Kin Comfy

Keeping everyone comfortable while indoors depends so much on power. Everything, from the hot shower to the hot water faucets and the air conditioner depends on power. Instances of power outages can cause unnecessary discomfort, more so during the current Coronavirus-related lockdown where most people are spending time at home.

The easiest way to keep your kin comfortable would be to consider owning a portable emergency solar power generator.

5. If Your House Uses Well Water

This makes more sense for rural dwellers who rely on well water. If your tap water depends on pumping from a well, then a blackout can affect you in a significant way. You don’t want to end up with inadequate water to keep your home clean.

Owning an emergency power generator will help keep well water running even when the power goes off. The best part is that it doesn’t cost much to keep the generator running.

It’s Time to Get an Emergency Power Generator

Cases of power outages are inevitable. Even an hour of a power outage can cause significant losses and frustrations. If you often store food on the refrigerator, or you have a sump pump, or you use well water on a constant basis, any instance of power disturbance can be disastrous.

The solution to this precarious situation would be to own an emergency power generator. This way, you’ll have power in your hands.

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