Top 5 Motorhome Destinations in Europe

Little compares to the freedom of motorhome travel, of watching the hills pass as you soar down the roads in your home on wheels. Motorhome hire is an increasingly popular mode of transport, as it allows you to combine your rental vehicle with your accommodation. You don’t have to adjust your holiday to train schedules or check in times, but your holiday adjusts to you instead! But now that we know the best way to travel, we’ve got to consider where we will go in it! Here are the top 5 motorhome destinations in Europe, with something for everyone.

1. Scotland

A traditional destination, attracting thousands of motorhome travellers annually. Lately, they’ve seen a huge rise in travellers coming from the Netherlands in particular. Scotland is a bonny country, from their dramatic coastlines all the way up to their soaring mountain tops. Scotland is ideal for those looking for a set road trip route, as the North Coast 500 and South West Coastal 300 are both stunning trips to take. The Highlands are certainly worth a visit, particularly if you can time it for the Highland Games! Be sure to spend a day in one of the major Scottish cities; Glasgow, Edinburgh or Inverness, to get a feel for the culture as well.

2. France

Another popular destination, as France is one of the largest tourist hubs of Europe (apart from the UK!). But many go to France to stay in the cities, which may be fun, but are only a small aspect of what makes this country so great. I challenge you to travel across France in a motorhome, to experience this vast country and the incredible landscapes it holds. Along the way, you can munch your way through delicious cheese, crispy baguettes, adventurous snails – all washed down with some delicious French vino! This is certainly a must visit for any foodie or wine connoisseur. 

3. Norway

Heading north now, so be sure to pack a thick jumper. Norway is a gorgeous destination, and travelling by motorhome will allow you to camp amongst the incredible nature and truly experience the beauty firsthand. Visit the breathtaking fjords, the Lofoten Islands, and catch the bucket list Northern Lights! Another great reason to visit Norway in a motorhome, is that Norway has one of the most liberal attitudes to wild camping, which will reduce your budget and allow for more independence travelling, plus better views to wake up to!

4. Hungary

A surprising choice, I hope! Hungary is finally gaining notice as a great travel destination, but you know it is also a perfect place to visit in a motorhome? Hungary is ideal for road trips, given it’s great road system and various exciting cities to visit. The circular geography of the country allows you to plan an easy route and not miss out on any great stops. Be sure to try a famous bath house and take a day for hiking the stunning trails.

5. Ireland

And finally, we reach the Emerald Isle. Given recent events in the UK, many are thinking that Ireland will grow in popularity as a tourist destination. After spending a few days here, you’ll understand why it is often used for film sets, and you’ll have the chance to visit locations made famous by the HBO series Game of Thrones. Enjoy Guinness, the Ring of Kerry road trip and more as you explore why the Irish are so lucky.