Tips to Cure Loneliness on the Road

Traveling alone can be a great way of seeing the world on your own terms and you can go where you want and when you want, you can eat when and how you want and you can enjoy learning more about yourself. There is a flip side to traveling alone however, enjoying special moments can be hard when you can’t share it and whether we like it or not, loneliness can certainly creep it. I was traveling through Europe for 3 months last year and although I did meet people, during my time in London the loneliness hit me pretty hard. If you are worried about this then here are some easy tips to cure it.

Hooking Up

Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean that you can’t still be dating or looking for the odd hook-up. In fact for many the idea of a quick romance is a very appealing one. You can use dating apps to find someone who is interested in a bit of fun or even look to an escort service. When I was in London I found a company offering Barking escorts and they certainly helped to cure my loneliness for a little while.

Meet Ups

Meet ups are a great way to cure loneliness and meet some like-minded people who you can have some fun with. There are dedicated websites such as Meet Up and there are also Facebook groups set up which will arrange events which people are invited to. This could be anything from meeting up for drinks, to discuss fintech, computer coding, sports events, walking, activities or even language exchanges. This is the perfect option for a solo traveler who is looking to get to know new people and to alleviate the loneliness for a while.

Theater and Cinema

Personally I have never had an issue with visiting the theater or the cinema on my own and for me it offers a great way to stop feeling on my own for a while. If you think about it, even when you go to these kinds of places you can’t speak anyway, so the only bit you’ll miss out on is discussing the events afterwards ,which let’s be honest can easily be done online. This is a great way to kill a couple of hours, be entertained and not feel alone.

Touching Base

Nothing helps me to feel better than when I can catch up with some family and friends back home. In fat I will aim to call my family at least once per week and when you are feeling a little bit on your own, they can provide you with the reminder that you need that you are in not in fact alone. A quick catch up to tell them what you’ve been doing and check to see how they all are will do you the power of good and help you to feel much better in the coming days.

Don’t let the loneliness creep it, take action and enjoy spending some time by yourself.