Iconic Delaware Dishes To Serve This Festive Season

The festive season is upon us and what better way to celebrate this year than by serving up some dishes with a little bit of local flare? While here in Delaware we might not be known to be a foodie spot frequented by tourists for our cuisine, we do have a few amazing offerings on the cards. 

With access to some of the country’s best farm fresh produce at our doorstep and an abundance of fresh seafood just off our coast, there is no better place to look than your local town for some festive inspiration.

Let’s take a closer look at some of those Delaware classics and how they can be given a tasty twist for your family and friends this year:

Capriotti’s Bobbie

Did you know that the iconic Capriotti’s Bobbie sandwich was first served right here in Delaware? In Wilmington in fact! This delicious hearty treat is filled with turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce – it doesn’t get much more Christmassy than that! While typically served on a sub roll, try classing this dish up by serving it on a bite sized crostini or mini hamburger roll for a festive canapé option when you entertain.

Blue Crabs

It’s no secret that Delaware is home to some of the tastiest crabs in the country! While things may get messy when tucking into our home-grown blue crabs, there really is no better way to spend the day. While normally a meal that trends in summer and suits the great outdoors, try adding a dish of crab cakes or even crab lasagna to your festive season spread this year.

Saltwater Taffy

Saltwater taffy is a well-known Delaware indulgence with the Dolles sign one of those iconic landmarks. Why not add some saltwater taffy to your festive season by stocking your advent calendar and Christmas stockings full of this sticky goodness? With so many flavors to choose from there are more than enough to try a different one every day for the entire month of December. 


Another little-known fact about Delaware is that chicken is our number one agricultural export. This is one ingredient that is easy to add to a variety of festive season spreads. From home-made chicken pie, through to a hearty chicken roast, spicy chicken tagine or curry, or even chicken-liver pâté; the options are really endless for including this local ingredient in your festive-season menu.

Peach Pie

Peach Pie is our official dessert, and you can enjoy a slice when you Apostas esportivas no Brasil, eat with friends and family, or simply kick back and relax. Our mouth-watering peaches are one product we can really be proud off. When it comes to including a fresh peach pie on your Christmas table, its best to keep things simple and classic, with a spoonful of fresh cream or homemade ice-cream on the side! 

Around Delaware you will also find a number of dairy farms or make their own ice-cream so if you don’t have the time or the know how to whip up your own batch this season, the good news is that homemade ice-cream is never hard to find in these parts.