The Best Sports Games To Bet On

The Best Sports Games To Bet On

There’s much to take into consideration when choosing the best sports game to bet on. 

Even so, it all comes down to choosing the sports game you’ll enjoy betting on the most. 

To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of the most popular sports games to wager on. 


Football is a sport that continues to capture the hearts of fans all over the world. This means it has also become one of the most popular sports to bet on. 

What’s more, football also makes provision for some of the most interesting markets around, not to mention incredible odds and bonus events. 

Because of its global popularity, football bets are widely available, with many bookmakers offering exciting and extremely competitive odds. 

Horse Racing

Thanks to the prominence of BOG promotions, horse racing has become a favourite sport to support and wager on. 

With so much information available, this is a sporting game that presents the sports betting enthusiast with a massive strategic advantage. 

In addition to this, many seasoned sports bettors consider horse racing to be one of the purest forms of betting around. And with huge live streaming options to boot, it’s no surprise just how popular betting on horses has become. 


For those looking for a sporting game to really sink their teeth into, cricket is a game that is hard to beat. 

It’s deep and incredibly strategic, and also comes in several formats. And best of all, many online bookmakers will allow you to choose the type of cricket you’d like to wager on. Creative cricket markets allow bettors to consider the game and its finer nuances from a wide selection of angles. 


Tennis is a game followed and enjoyed by millions of fans all over the world. 

It’s a game known for its action-packed nature and ferocity, which only makes it all that much more exciting to bet on. 


Even though rugby isn’t all that popular globally compared to football, many enjoy following and betting on the game. 

Rugby brings to the table an extraordinary combination of tactics, strategy, and physicality. This sets the sport aside from a betting perspective. 

Betting on rugby provides entertainment not only for experts, but also for complete newcomers. This makes it one of the top sporting games on our list for betting online


Boxing is all about big-money events, which is one of the biggest reasons punters enjoy betting on a match. It’s riveting and exciting, which makes for a spectacular betting experience. 

Big events often mean huge promotions, which leads to wide and exciting coverage. 

Boxing also has a unique set of rules, which opens up a world of intricate betting markets. 


With so many incredible games and variety to choose from, Esports deserves an honourable mention on a list such as this one. 

Esports makes for an entirely new way of betting, which has led to the opening of incredible new betting markets for fans. With this form of betting still in its infancy, this is market set to become even more sensational in the future.