The Top Five Sports Games Trending Over 2021

The 5 Best Cross-platform Sports Games Of 2021  

It took a while, but many big game companies and platforms are finally starting to loosen up on their exclusives, and everyone is reaping the reward as a result. These days, the large majority of popular sports games are available across the major gaming platforms, namely Xbox, Playstation, and PC.

1. FIFA 21

Like ZAR casino free bonus codes, FIFA 21 has been soaring in popularity and sales over the course of 2021, following the heels of its highly successful predecessor, FIFA 20. Aside from gathering favourable reviews all round, the widespread boom in many online games and services seen during the Covid19 pandemic, as well as EA Sports very opportune and lucrative decision to go cross-platform, has all been of help.

Offering over 17,000 players, ranging over 700 teams, 900+ stadiums, and more than 30 leagues worldwide, as well as new game modes and features, the graphics and sense of realism in FIFA 21, along with the likeness of players, is also truly top-notch.

2. Forza Horizon 5

For sports car and racing enthusiasts, Forza Horizon 5 has been hot on the lists of top trending games at the moment. With insanely good graphics, Forza Horizon 5 offers a vast action-packed multiplayer open world, this time set in the tropical shores and dry deserts of Mexico. Players can follow the games fun and epic storyline, or just drive and explore, and unlock hundreds of exciting races, as well as all the world’s most famous cars across the grand decades of racing history.

Following the tradition of the Forza Horizon games, there are also several seasons of continuous online tournament racing, from amateur to elite high-level competition.

3. Madden NFL 21      

Another triumph of Electronic Art’s sports division, the Madden NFL series has gained a huge player-base and a steep monopoly over NFL-based games. Like all the other EA Sports games, it’s also done in regular concession with new and better versions coming out each year.

Madden NFL 21 delivers no less, with the latest in graphics and EA Sport’s trademark attention to realism, featuring a bigger roster of players, teams, stadiums, and tournaments, new enhanced features and gameplay. Like FIFA, the successor, Madden NFL 22 is also already available and set to become the favourite in the coming year.

4. NBA 2K21

The list of EA successes in sports games is a long one, though a notable trend in 2021 has definitely been NBA 2K21. Considering that every one of EA’s major sports game series release a game every year, one really starts to see the scale of the mega gaming company, and the vast number of people they have to employ to make it happen.

Though yet to reach the heights of some of the previous EA Sport NBA 2K instalments, NBA 2K21 is the next generation of the world-renowned best-selling series in every way. Immersive graphics, realism, gameplay, and special features, have made this a highly popular game in 2021.

5. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

Everyone who played the famous Tony Hawk games over the years has been getting a big kick recently out of Vicarious Vision’s release of their Tony Hawk classic Pro Skater 1 & 2 remakes.

Not only have they upgraded the graphics, but they’ve also brought the clunky game mechanics of yesterday up to date with the more recent games