Try These Two Cool Ways to Use the Internet to Fight Boredom

If you are like most people, you have times during your days, when you have nothing to do and feel pretty bored. Or maybe you work too hard and have too much stress. And need to find a few things to do to relieve your tension. If this describes you, then you should do like so many others and try the two following fun activities using the internet.

Choosing to bet on sports online is a really fun and exciting way to spend some time, and with a Fanduel promo code you can save money as you play and win real money you can spend on things you want. If you love making new friends and getting into cool conversations, you might also try social media as a regular pastime. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of both of these activities.

Betting on Sports Online

If you have short periods of free time where you get bored a lot, one way to fill up that free time is to do some online sports betting. Most people love sports and millions have favorite teams that they are passionate about. They follow their games, support their stars and even buy their merchandise. The next best step is to put your money where your mouth is and bet on them. This adds to the fun and excitement of following them and gives you a chance to profit off your love for them.

Once you start you might get really good at picking when they will win and find that you can do this for other teams and other sports as well. Most people that try online sports betting make it a habit that brings them lots of pleasure.

Getting Into Social Media

Whether you want to face it or not, social media is here to stay and nearly all of everyone’s friends are on it. So you need to be there too if you want to be caught up on what is going on with everyone. If you look at who is popular on social media you will see that it is those people who put in the time on the platforms to become attractive to other members. The three most popular platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter each have different attributes and different things tend to make people popular. YOu need to work on how you interact with either to raise your profile. Here are some tips

Facebook – Facebook is a do it all social media platform meaning that you can put up pictures, memes, GIFs and videos and you will get lots of notice. But where the platform really excels is with writing. Facebook allows members to put down their thoughts, opinions and ideas right on the feed and your friends and others can see what you are thinking. THis leads to lively and sometimes provocative discussions that can last for days.

Instagram – Insagram started as a picture sharing app and pics remains its primary focus. People have learned to be social and to share their stories on Instagram with pictures as the focus. You can also make short comments on the platform about the pictures and now video is very popular as well.

Twitter – Twitter is set up as a platform to share small notes and opinions with members of your group. Twitter has exploded because of politicians now using it and because it is an arena where people can share and read short notes that say a lot. There is also heavy use of memes and GIFs and more and more videos are being used. Twitter is definitely the place to get your strong opinions out on a subject.

You should learn how to master these platforms and how to present yourself there so you can get more popular, make friends and enjoy them on your free time.

Now you have some really cool ways to use the internet to help you fight boredom. Best of all you can have fun now anytime you have an internet connection.