5 Must Have RC Tools

Did you know that there are some RC cars that can go as fast as 70 mph? If you are just starting your RC hobby and are not sure what RC tools you need to have, you are in the right place. Although each vehicle you buy will come with its own set of tools, they are usually not ideal to work on your car often because they tend to be on the cheaper end.

Keep reading to learn which tools are a must-have for your RC car workshop.

1. Hex Drivers

Most RC cars use hex hardware and if the ones you choose also do, then you will want to make sure that you have a good reliable set of hex drivers in your RV workshop. It will be a lot easier to repair and maintain your hex drivers with the “L” wrenches that come with your cars.

You might want to look at hex drivers that come with ratchet handles and double-ended bits.

2. Battery Chargers

When you are using electric power RC vehicles you will also need a great RC battery charger to make sure you are never without power. No matter how great a battery is the charger needs to have enough power. The best RC battery charger out there will give you the right amount of power instead of too much power or too little.

3. Needle-Nose Pliers

The 5″ needle-nose pliers are the go-to size for RC cars. They make it easy to insert into tight spaces and it is easier to hold wires when you are soldering. These pliers can also help whenever you need to squeeze e-clips into place.

4. Shock Pliers

If you ever have to assemble shocks you really have to make sure that the shock shaft does not get scratched. Shock pliers will come in handy because they have smooth aluminum jaws that are much softer than the steel shafts.

This means that you are able to squeeze tightly without worrying that you are damaging the shaft’s plated finish. Another pro is that shock pliers have openings that help grip shock bodies and caps.

5. Body Reamer

When you are done trimming the body of the vehicle you will need the right tool to make the post holes. This is where the body reamer will come in because unlike a drill bit that will more than likely wander and mess up your body, you can cut perfectly smooth-edged holes.

Ready to Shop for These RC Tools?

We hope that now that you have our list above of the RC tools you want to add to your collection, you can start shopping around for your very own tools. Remember this is a list of the most basic tools so you might find yourself needing other tools at some point.

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