What Are the Benefits of Challenge Coins?

Are you a leader looking for a way to recognize excellence and bring your team closer?

Challenge coins are an easy and effective way to do both of these things. From military to law enforcement and corporations to athletics, there are many types of challenge coins.

Keep reading below if you want to learn the real benefits of using challenge coins in your organization.

Challenge Coins Are Ideal for Recognition

The idea of military challenge coins has been around since Ancient Rome and began appearing more commonly after World War I.

So how do challenge coins work? In the beginning, they were given to soldiers who performed extraordinarily in battle. Coins were also created to show membership in a particular unit.

More recently, challenge coins have been used by civilians. Police departments, firehouses, and fraternal organizations use these coins. So do corporations and non-profit organizations.

Challenge coins are a fantastic way to recognize an employee or volunteer. This is important if they’re exemplifying excellence in the workplace.

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Commemorate Key Events With Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins were used to mark important battles, key events, or special occasions. This practice continues today.

Law enforcement officers and first responders show comradery by getting custom challenge coins. Some police departments even use coins for their Shop With a Cop program.

Coins are often given to the championship winners of sporting events such as football or hockey. Corporations or non-profit organizations will hand out challenge coins. They are given to employees who completed team-building events.

The 1.5 to 2-inch diameter coins made of pewter, copper, or nickel, come in multiple shapes and finishes. Any design can be added to a custom challenge coin to commemorate a special event.

What Are Major Challenge Coin Benefits? Team Morale

Challenge coins are a great way to boost team morale. Team members receive a coin for doing an excellent job.

Recipients of a challenge coin feel valued. This is a key component in managing a successful business. Employee satisfaction has a big effect on the bottom line.

They also form a close fellowship with other employees who hold the same coin. Military recipients have their own traditions associated with challenge coins.

For example, a soldier at the bar without their coin or who has the least amount of coins will have to pay for the next round of drinks. It’s an effective way to make everyone in a single unit feel like part of a team. These traditions are advantageous for both military and civilian organizations.

Consider a Coin For Your Team

Whether you’re a corporate manager or the head of a Boy Scout troop, you should consider using challenge coins to recognize excellent individuals and boost team morale. Coins are affordable and any design can be applied.

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