Travelling: the 5 most romantic destinations in the world

You have finally found your sweetheart and a wonderful romance was born. Finding love is not at all as easy as winning thanks to the best online casinos bonus codes, so why not celebrate with a romantic trip? We have chosen five destinations for you, among the most popular in every corner of the world!

Nosy Be
We begin our intercontinental journey in Madagascar, Africa, and even more specifically in the natural paradise of Nosy Be, a volcanic island that houses the Lokobe Nature Reserve, the last portion of tropical rainforest. Do not miss the spectacular view offered by the beach of Amporaha, which allows walks and unparalleled moments throughout its kilometer.

San Francisco
San Francisco is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Built on seven hills like eternal Rome, it has many extraordinary vantage points. Any examples? Haight-Ashbury with its Victorian houses and Golden Gate in the background, sinuous Lombard Street and historic Cable Car. On the other side of the bay, you can reach Sausalito with a short ferry cruise and enjoy a fantastic fish dinner. Every trip to San Francisco is a new and evocative experience to share with your loved ones.

An unparalleled dream for millions of tourists in the world, Venice is a city that has always made lovers dream. Venice will amaze you with its romantic and mysterious corners, which have been the backdrop to the love vicissitudes of the seducer Casanova. Not to be missed is a gondola ride along the Grand Canal and a sunset over the lagoon. If you want to surprise your sweetheart with an exclusive dinner, you can choose the restaurant Do Forni, an institution in the city since the nineteenth century. For a romantic excursion in the surroundings, don’t miss Murano, the island of glass production.

Impossible not to mention Paris, romantic getaway par excellence together with the above mentioned Venice. The view of the Champs Elysées illuminated in the evening, the romantic cafés in Montmartre or the unparalleled view from one of its bridges over the Seine will really make anyone excited. To grasp the whole atmosphere of the city, why not try the emotion of feeling like Amélie Poulain, protagonist of the homonymous and unforgettable cult movie in search of her mysterious love and enter the Café Des Deux Moulins? And don’t forget to add your own padlock as a seal of love on the Pont des Arts, a few steps from the Louvre square.

Whether you visit it in spring during the extraordinary blossoming of the cherries or in summer when the meadows are greener, you can’t remain indifferent to the beauty of the traditional Japanese town of Kyoto. Cradle of the most authentic Japanese art and culture, you’ll find stunning scenarios in Kyoto, with geishas crossing the street just a few steps away, beautiful wooden temples in the Ohara district and zen gardens where you can find inner peace. The city also offers a walk on the Sagano Romantic Train, on board of which you will cross the area from Saga to Arashiyama and its bamboo forests.