Try Organising a Tournament on VR Games at Work

You can find different types of Virtual Reality games. It is like playing your usual video games, but you need to strap VR glasses on your head and use your entire body to play. The experience is surreal, and it seems like you are in a different world when you start to play. You can take the experience to another level by organising a tournament at work where you all compete and determine who has the best performance. You can try Omescape VR games in London as they offer exciting VR games.

Choose the game

You need to choose the game first since there are lots of VR games available today. Find something interesting, and that everyone at work is willing to give a try. Some people might want to avoid games with extreme violence.

Setup a prize

To motivate the people to play, you need to have a prize for the winner. You might even make the most reserved people in your office join the tournament if there is something big at stake. You need to emphasise though that it is for fun, and the prizes are only the icing on top.

Explain the reason for having a tournament

You need to clarify the purpose of organising this tournament. The employees need to know that you are doing it to take a break from all the serious activities you are doing at work. It also helps you bond as a team since it is crucial moving forward. Some of them might not feel engaged in this activity at all, but when they see the value of having the tournament, you can convince them to take part.

Reserve the whole room

You can book a place where only the people from your team are present. You can cheer for each other and motivate the person whose turn it is to play, to do well. The good thing when you are in the same place is that you can feel a sense of commitment from everyone. It is also more fun if you see the players doing their best and overreacting to the experience.

Have dinner together

After playing the games, you can take the team out for dinner. You can also give the prize to the winner during the dinner. It is the chance for those who are yet to know each other to introduce themselves. You don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant. The point is that all of you can spend more time as a team.

Have a debriefing session

It is crucial to discuss what everyone learned from the activity. Yes, the goal is to enjoy it and take a break from work. However, there could be some other lessons people learned from the experience that you can learn from, and use at work. Let everyone decide what to do next if you intend to continue this tradition of hanging out as a team.