When is the Right Time to Give Free Promotional Shirts?

Marketing is a crucial aspect of your business you need to invest in. If you want people to know your business, you need to spend money on advertising. One of the strategies for advertising is to give free merchandise. People love receiving something for free. Given how much they spend each day, it is a good thing for them to receive something without paying anything. You might attract them to buy your products and stay loyal to your brand. Make sure you choose the right time and opportunity for handing out free stuff.

After purchasing products

You might want to give free shirts to customers after buying a particular number of items from your business. It is a way of thanking them for their loyalty. You offer free items not only to attract new customers but to retain old ones. Besides, they already bought a lot from you, so it is not a bad idea to give something back.

During the holidays

People are willing to spend a lot during the holiday season. Convince them to pay even more by giving out free shirts. They will recognise that they are getting more for the amount that they are spending. Since they are spending their money anyway, they will instead buy from you and get more for what they pay. Besides, the holiday season is the time for giving and sharing. People who keep buying for others usually don’t receive anything in return. You want to give them something for free and make them feel good.

After launching your business

You need to get all the publicity you can get as soon as you start your business. You want to make sure that people will know about your company and what you can offer. Don’t worry about the expense since you will spend a lot anyway at the beginning of your business. While you are at the point when you have a lot to pay for, you might as well use your money wisely to promote your brand.

Launching your website

When you want to attract more people to visit your site and possibly buy products, you need to come up with a gimmick. Giving out free shirts will motivate them to navigate your site and purchase products right away. They know that they will get more for the amount that they spend. Besides, even if they decide not to buy anything, they were at least interested in your business.

You need to partner with a garment printing company if you want to buy promotional shirts now. You can ask them to deliver your order in bulk the next day. You can immediately start promoting your business as soon the shirts arrive. You need to think of the best design to attract attention, so your efforts won’t go to waste.

You can’t expect everything to be positive once you start your marketing campaign. At the very least, you will have done something to let people know about what you offer, and possibly convince them to come and buy.