Why Natural Cigars Are Far Superior

Cigars and cigarettes… Most people like both but, if you had to choose one, a cigar is usually the choice. It may interest you to know that as of 2020 cigarette smoking had declined significantly. But cigar smoking hasn’t been affected.

For some reason, more people consume natural cigars than machine-made cigars. They are considered superior. Why is that?

  • It only gets better

You are perhaps quite acquainted with the saying, “wine gets better with age”. Cigars have a different flavor make-up from cigarettes. That being said the quality of a cigar will experience some changes over time that will most likely positively impact the taste.

  • Packaging

Have you noticed that the wrapper of a natural cigar is tobacco leaf? So, even before you get to the filling you are already getting the main thing. In addition to this, the leaf usually retains enough moisture from natural oils which propels a slow and even burn.

The binder is not left out. It is also made out of tobacco leaf. The buncher will gather filler leaves and wrap them in a binder leaf.

  • The smoking experience

You can smoke a good cigar for over an hour. You can enjoy the smoke all by yourself or with friends while having a drink. The thing with cigars is that you get to enjoy them because they are not as addictive as cigarettes. With cigarettes there’s an insatiable craving. You need them so you are so focused on satisfying that need that you don’t really enjoy the smoke.

  • The artistry behind the manufacturing process

Some people consider the making of natural tobacco to be an artistic process. It starts with selecting the right tobacco leaves. Why is that a challenge? There are various tobacco leaves. Some have unique tastes, some are stronger than others, and others are of a higher quality. Only an expert at hand-rolled cigar making can identify the pertinent leaves and blend them to produce a premium cigar.

Some cigar smokers know the saying “every premium cigar has been touched by 200 hands”. We can’t prove the accuracy of the metrics but the point is the manufacturing process for a natural cigar requires skill and attention from a handful of people.

  • It is natural for every letter of the word

We are used to seeing chemical products being listed on the back of the packaging wrapper of so-called natural products. That reality has led to strong doubts about whether or not natural cigars are really natural.

The truth is, hand-rolled cigars are natural. From the binder to the packaging wrapper to the filler, all components are tobacco. There are no additives, flavorings or dyes added. So, you get something fully natural and genuine.

If you’d love to experience the superiority of natural hand-rolled cigars, then Churchill cigar should be your pick.

So, the next time you enjoy a cigar either with friends, alone or on a special occasion, you will be having that smoke with admiration for the cigar and all it entails. Clearly, natural cigars do deserve the superiority tag.