5 Top Tours and Adventures in Samana, Dominican Republic

If you are heading to the Dominican Republic this year then you are in for an incredible trip, to an island which offers the very best in Caribbean nature and hospitality. There are many areas of the island which you should be looking to explore, the busy city of Santo Domingo, the beautiful beaches of Punta Cana, and most importantly, the northeastern town of Samana, one of the island’s real treasures. There are some excellent accommodation options in this part of the island, including all inclusive vacation packages Samana style. When you do head up to the northeastern coast, here are some of the best tours and adventures which you could look at doing during your time there.

Playa Rincon

Nobody goes to the Dominican Republic without enjoying the beautiful beaches which it has to offer and up here in Samana, the best option is to hit the Playa Rincon. The sand here is super soft and a mixture of white and gold in color, the beach stretches for over 3km with turquoise waters laying at the edge. Whilst the beach is popular, it very rarely gets crowded and you can easily get a bed and a spot for you and the family.

Las Terrenas

If you are a thrill seeker then why not head up to Las Terrenas where you will find Cascada el Limon, a 170 foot waterfall which locals, and some brave holiday makers will jump from into the deep lagoon below. If you don’t fancy the jump then you can still enjoy the breathtaking view from the top, as well as watching those valiant jumpers enjoy the fall. Getting to the top is around 4km in distance, and can be hiked or done on horseback.

Zip Lining

A slightly less adrenalin fueled activity, but one with is equally as fun, is the Dominican Tree House Village here in Samana, where you can zip line above the tree line to explore this thick and beautiful forest canopy. The zip line route takes you across 12 platforms as you hang perilously above the dense woodland.

Parque Nacional Los Haitises

This is one of the finest national parks which DR has to offer and it is one of the few remaining rainforests on the island. The park has over 1500 square miles of mangroves and features an expansive cave network with cenotes and fascinating rock formations. Such is the incredible natural landscape here, many parts of it were used as sets during the making of Jurassic Park.

Sunset at El Cabito

Watching the sunset into the sea, as you are perched on top of a  cliff edge enjoying some of the finest local cuisine on the island, is the perfect end to any day, and that is what you can do in El Cabito. The restaurant perfectly blends in with its surroundings thanks to the use of natural materials for its construction, and there is soothing and tranquil atmosphere which you will find here, not to mention the delicious paella!

Samana is a great part of the island with much to explore, make sure that you check it out!