Rose Burillo – Great Day Trips From Mexico City

There is more than enough to do in Mexico City during a long trip, but it is also nice to get away from the chaos of the city and enjoy a day trip to another great location. Thankfully there are many options for people in Mexico City to get out of the hustle and bustle and see another side to Mexico. Today we are going to talk about a few options which you have, which are all available in a single day. Once you have a car rental sorted, here are just some of the ideas of places where you can take a day trip to.


This ancient city has been inhabited by both Aztecs and Mayans over the centuries and it has been incredibly well preserved. Nobody should make a trip to Mexico City without visiting the city, which is complete with two giant pyramids which you can climb. The city can be done through a tour but they will really milk it over the course of the day. My friend Rose Burillo saved me from doing the tour, and I learned quickly why. The reality is that this is is so much better to do it on your own, with a car.

La Marquesa

Around an hour south of Mexico City you will find La Marquesa, an enormous national park which is packed with woodland. This makes quite a contrast from the urban paradise that is Mexico City and you will have a plenty of options for how to spend your day. In the main the area is broken up with large ‘Villas’ where you can park up and then enjoy a wide range of activities. Most of these spots offer similar things. Here you can go horse riding, rent go-karts, enjoy some traditional country delicacies and take hikes through the wilderness. Nature lovers will have a great time here.


Puebla is a fascinating state with so many places to explore. Many of these locations are easily done in a day trip from Mexico City and my favorite of them all is Cholula. This is a Pueblo Magico, which is a list of protected villages and small towns around Mexico. This particular pueblo is beautiful and colorful, and it features the world’s biggest pyramid. Sadly the pyramid is underground which is why it doesn’t get the fanfare which it deserves, but you can go under and visit it. Beyond this there are gorgeous streets to walk down, great artisanal markets and much more to discover.


You may not be able to get to the beach and back in a day, but you can get drenched in sunshine just an hour and a half outside of the city, in Cuernavaca. This is considered to be the city of the eternal spring, and that is thanks to the glorious weather and high temperatures which they have here. Cuernavaca has much to discover including a deep cave network which you can explore.

These are just a few ideas as to how you can spend a day trip from Mexico City.