Classic Leather Jackets from The Movies

A leather jacket has been the favoured garment of our favourite movie heroes and villains down the years. Each guy dreams of owning the perfect leather jacket. We must admit, seeing a great leather jacket on the big screen always inspires us to add one to our wardrobe. Over the years, on the silver screen, the leather jacket has signals rebellion, danger, and cool – and that is why we love them. When you think of your favourite movie, chances are one of the main characters wear a leather jacket! Now, let’s look at some of the most famous leather jackets from top movies.

Brad Pitt – Fight Club

One of the most iconic looks of the 90s, Tyler Durden’s red leather car coat is on every guy’s wishlist. No one other than Brad Pitt could have pulled of this 70s retro look. This look only added to the character’s mystique. The jacket had a shirt style collar, is single-breasted, with white double stitching, and four buttons. This is just one of the elements that made Fight Club such an iconic movie and give it cult status.

Richard Roundtree – Shaft

Another Screen icon… The Coolest cat in town… John Shaft hit the screens in the 70s and there was none who oozed cool more than the private detective. Shaft’s wardrobe was the focal point for men’s fashion for years to come. The classic jacket was worn with a turtleneck and pants. The jacket itself sported pockets around the waist and wide lapels. Thus, a legend was born and a style that still endures today.

Nicholas Cage – Sailor Ripley

This cult classic from the 90s brought us the unforgettable Sailor Ripley. This black comedy from David Lynch gives us one of the most famous leather Jackets in the movies. Cage’s Snakeskin leather jacket as his character is released from prison. In the movie, he states that the jacket is “a symbol of my individuality”. As we all know, snakes have been inspirations for many things including movies, songs, games, and more. Snake Rattle and Roll Progressive Slot are one of those games, you can find it while playing slot games at LuckyVIP Casino.

Mel Gibson – Mad Max

The perfect anti-hero… No one ever faced the oncoming apocalypse and look so cool in doing so. However, it’s safe to say that Mel Gibson pulled it off in the Mad Max series. This was the movie that made Gibson a star. He wore a lancer-front biker jacket that gives Max a no-nonsense look – the perfect blend of authority and ruthlessness – the character adapts this characteristic later in the movie when he is hellbent on revenge.

Tom Cruise – Maverick

We can’t discuss leather jackets without heading to the 80s and including Maverick from Top Gun! The high-octane action movie created a means fashion icon for the decade. The Navy jacket with a Shearling collar and mission badges. The jacket spawned millions of replicas throughout the United States throughout the 80s. its possibly one of the most recognisable jackets in movie history and it looks so cool!